Friday, November 09, 2012

Two Quick Things...

 One: a couple weeks back Steve, Cora, and I made a mad dash to Abilene right after our Florida trip. Steve had a board meeting for ACU Leadership Camps. Cora and I tagged along so we could play with my Mom and sister for the day and then do a couple Homecoming activities. Above is Jamie and I at KJK breakfast. I am pretty sure we were the only people there from our pledge class:). I had not been to club breakfast in 5 years- it was super fun to be there and WONDERFUL to spend a couple hours with  my life long friend and college roommate. It was not nearly enough time so I am already look forward to the next 'real' visit we will get!
Two: we had the cutest Penguin ever this Halloween. I had been planning on making our whole family penguin costumes- I had all the supplies and everything. But June passed away the weekend I was planning on dedicating time to the project. So instead, I put all the energy toward Cora's costume. When we got home from San Angelo on the 31st around 2pm I actually ran to Target to see if I could just buy a costume but the only costumes they had to fit her age group was a donkey costume. There is so much I could say right here....but I will refrain. So I decided to go ahead and make Cora's costume and I am so, so, so glad I did. I am a big believe in homemade costumes. Probably because that is all I know. Growing up we would pick what we wanted to be (anything!) and my Mom magically created the perfect costume. So here I am, carrying on the tradition. Our first homemade costume turned out pretty cute and everyone knew exactly what she was when we showed up at the Treats from the Table at church. Next year we will Trick or Treat at a couple house, I am sure:).

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Jamie Thompson said...

Love u friend!!
Cora's smile is beautiful in that picture.