Friday, January 04, 2013

Pulling Thoughts Out of Thin Air...

Get ready, this may be one of the most random, out of order posts I have ever done. I wanted to share a couple pictures/memories from the last month or so. I can feel myself starting to want to blog some more. Not sure what happened over the last 4 or 5 months, I just lost a desire to keep regular posts. Plus, I go back and forth with how to blog and post. In some ways this is journal for thoughts and feelings and venting. In other ways it is a place to keep family and friends updated on Cora. And sometimes I like to use this space to tell about new products I have found, books I am reading, food we are cooking, and adventures we are having. So this post you get a little of all these things...

The week before Christmas Steve, Cora, and I want to the zoo lights at the Houston Zoo-! Cora loved it, and was such a joy to bring around to all the animal exhibits and fun lights. Steve and I also enjoyed the tour through the lights. 

We ate subpar pizza that cost way too much and enjoyed the mild Houston weather. Great memories were made and we hope to do it again next year. In fact, the holidays are just more fun with a baby/toddler around.

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen most of these pictures. Speaking of Instagram- I might be obsessed with that app. I love it and very much enjoy looking at everyone else's pictures. I like it way better than Facebook. 

The Eve of Christmas Eve Steve and I took Cora to the park. That was when it was still hot in Houston- notice the short sleeves. Cora loves being outside- which makes both Steve and I very happy.

Speaking of being happy- doesn't my girl look so cute and happy in her bows?! People often ask how we keep the bow on Cora's head with out her pulling it off. The answer- I have no idea. She just keeps the things on. I have literally put a bow on her since the day she exited my body. I love them on her. Someday I should post a picture of all the bows the girls has, but it's almost embarrassing... so maybe not.

Isn't that above picture so cute?! Kelly's new MIL took it right after the wedding was over. I love everything about it. Cora looks so big. As of right now she is not walking- she was pulled in a super cute wagon by here 5 year old cousin. When did your kids start walking? Cora is pulling up, pushing toys/chairs and walking, and cruising on furniture. I really thought I would have a walker by now- she has got to be close, right?

How about this AWESOME weather in Texas right now?! I love it. Gray, cloudy days are my favorite days ever. Sometimes I think I would do really well in Oregon or Seattle. In fact, I will live in a place that has all four seasons- mark my words. Someday I also hope to live outside of Texas. I am of the mind set there are other places out there just as good or better then Texas to live. Gasp- I know- life outside of Texas, what?! I kid- short of. I also think... let me just stop here:).

Cora is getting so playful right now. She loves hiding, enjoys making forts, climbing under chairs, pulling blankets over her head to playing peak-a-boo, and the list could go on and on. She is so fun. Speaking of Cora news- Cora and I started the weaning processes on the first of the month. I was planning on giving up one of the three nursings on the first. By January second she had already given up two feedings. We are just down to the night feeding before bed. I believe she will completely be weaned within the next week or two. Everything has just happened so naturally and for that I am grateful. I really should do a whole post about breastfeeding/nursing. It has been an interest journey for me. One I am SO glad I did but it has also been more of the more challenging tasks I have ever undertaken. I am glad and sad we are almost at the end of this road. Bittersweet- like all the changes you go through with a baby.

Currently I am enjoying Mitch Albom's newest book 'The Time Keeper'. If you are looking for a good, easy book please pick this one up. I love all of Albom's books and get so excited when he releases a new one. I also like how small and cute the hardback copies are- I own all of them and they have a special place in my library. This book is a fable about time. I also need to do a post on books I have read recently- there are a lot!

So now we find ourselves in 2013. Steve and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on the 1st with dinner and a movie. We saw The Hobbit at one of those theaters that serves you dinner while you watch the movie. It was great. Plus we got a night out- thank you Beverly T. for sitting with Cora while we celebrated. NYE night we enjoyed time with friends at the Pybus house then we rang in the New Year at home with a sleeping baby. Wonder what this new year will bring our way.

Told you this post would be random:). Here's to blogging more in 2013...


Kat said...

G didn't really start taking off walking until a little after 14 months. He had taken a few steps here and there, but right after Thanksgiving he finally got the confidence and now there's no stopping him! I bet it won't be long until she's running! Love that sweet Cora girl.

JENNY said...

Both of my kids didn't start walking until 13-15 months. I agree with Kat. It won't be long! Every kid goes at their own pace.

Love all the pictures!

Lauren said...

I'm with Jenny, I love all the pictures. I absolutely love your blog. I'm just so grateful for you and Steve. I can't believe it's been eight years.

Jamie Thompson said...

I was a little worried that Finn wasn't walking on his first birthday. He started around 13 months and just took off running and hasn't stopped yet :) I bet she does too.

Jessica said...

I love random blog posts! Life is that way (at least mine is) but a lot of times I try to make it seem more orderly on my blog. :)
Max didn't start walking until 13-14 months. He's been running ever since! Enjoy this "calm before the storm." :)