Monday, January 28, 2013

Things That Have Caught My Attention...

There have been a couple items/music/products that have caught my attention lately and I thought I would share. Most of these things were referred to me by a friend or two, so by all means please share what has captured your attention in the comments- I am always looking for new things to try.

All Sons and Daughters- Oh.My.Goodness!!! I can not stop listening to them. I tend not to be the biggest fan of Christian music, but this band has captured my full attention. A friend gifted me a song last week through iTunes and half way through the song I had already downloaded the entire album. They sound like The Civil Wars (I am still grieving their current break-up) and their lyrics are fabulous. They are worth your time to check out.

Buxom- Where has this lipgloss been my whole life? Why has no one ever told me about it? Can I please get a tube in every color?!?! I discovered this incredible lipgloss at Kelly's wedding last month. Her new sister-in-law brought several shades to share with us for wedding make-up. I bought my own tube last week. I have worn it none stop ever since. You can find your own tube and color at Sephora. You are welcome.

Magic Bullet- Lunches are such an awkward meal for me. I never know what to feed myself. Until Pinterest came along, of course! Lots of green smoothies were coming up on my feed on Pinterest so I thought I would give one a try a couple weeks ago- I am hooked. So hooked in fact I got a Magic Bullet. That thing is amazing. Works ten times better then my blender- well worth the investment. Most days I make a green smoothie- a couple handfuls of spinach, some frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, some fresh berries, almond milk, some unsalted almonds, and flax seeds. I am addicted and I feel good about what is going in my body.

Mabel's Labels- I have always been amazed at my friend Brandy's children's cups. The labels on their cups always look new and never come off. I had gotten a couple different labels for Cora (ordered as soon as I knew she was a girl!) and they always peeled off her cups and containers when washed. On Black Friday Brandy sent me a Mabel's Labels coupon. I ordered the small labels with 'Cora Sargent' and an owl on the side. They are pink with white writing. I may or may not try to label everything now. These labels are the real deal, people. They stay on anything you put them on and always look new and fresh. What a great gift idea. Plus you get tons of them in one pakage. Cora is set for the time being.

Thorlos Socks- I got four pair of these incredible socks last week- all in neon colors of course. If you are a runner/hiker/skier I strongly encourage you to look into a couple pair of these socks. I need lots of padding when I run- I am prone to shin splints and I have VERY high arches. These socks cradle my foot and add great support to my already supportive running shoe. Footlocker is currently having a sale on them- buy one get the second half off.

So there is your shopping list of the week- enjoy:)! So what are you enjoying? What finds are you currently relishing in? By all means, please share!


Melanie said...

I might have to try those socks. My current running socks seem to cut off my circulation or something. For how much I paid for them they are not worth it. I like the neon pink, they would match my neon pink running shoes. :)

married yoshimi said...

thanks for the label resource! I need some of those! you're inspiring me to blog again...