Sunday, March 24, 2013

Color Run 2013...

I have spent the last 3 days with my roommates from college. We all met up here in Houston at my house- mainly because The Color Run was coming through and we all wanted to run together- more on that later. They all flew in Friday afternoon. Y'all- I can not even put into words how good it was to see their faces at the airport. I love these girls and they all mean so much to me. I needed this weekend- they were sweet balm for my soul and it did my heart good to spend 2 and half days with them. I am a blessed, blessed lady to have such friends in my life.

Friday night we ate dinner at my house- pulled pork tacos and homemade sangrias. After dinner Linds stated she wanted me to take her to my tattoo guy in town; she was ready for one of her own. We headed down to Montrose and Linds got her first tattoo. Joel did awesome and I can not say enough good things about Shaw's Tattoo Parlor here in Houston. It was a fun thing to do together and I LOVE her new tat.

Saturday we all slept in, I made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, we shopped, registered for The Color Run, and got pedi's of course:). Saturday night we head out to Nundini Chef's Table to dine. If you live in Houston this restaurant is totally worth your time. It's located off I-10 on Shepherd in the Heights area. Authentic Italian food and fabulous Italian wine from all regions of Italy. I almost felt like I was back in Italy. Please go, you will love it. We took our time through dinner- ate good food, enjoyed good drink, and talked and talked and talked. I love these girls, have I mentioned that?!

Sunday (this morning) we got up bright and early and dressed in our white running gear. When we picked up our pre-race packets, we got t-shirts (not pictured but they are awesome and I can't wait to wear it!), white Color Run head bands, CR tattoos, and a packet of color for the color storms at the end of the race. What a great deal for a $40 race- plus the race supported veterans with PTSD- a cause I feel very strongly about. We headed to MinuteMaid park downtown and got ready for the Houston 2013 Color Run!!!

Kojie Sing Song pose- had to have one. A Color Run is a 5k and while you run they throw color (dyed cornstarch) as you run. There are four color chutes through out the race- blue, pink, yellow, and orange. I have wanted to do one of these for about a year. I was giddy- it felt like Christmas morning:).

I thought we all looked pretty cute in our socks, white shirts, and white head bands. And it was fun to start at MinuteMaid Park and jog through down town. I like running races where they shut down major highways in town.

We took it slow throughout the race but did run the majority of the time. I love the above picture- thanks Lyd for snapping that fun pre color picture as we started the race!

We ran with over 13,000 people. It was CROWDED and so so so so fun. Great, loud music. Lots of dancing and singing along. Everyone was happy, happy. After all, this is the happiest race on the planet.

Socks shot. We wanted something that matched but was easy to get and not overboard. Socks were a perfect choice. We saw lots of fun costumes and I enjoyed seeing people's creativity. Lyd brought the socks- such a great idea. Speaking of Lydia- she was the first person I met in college. It was friendship at first sight. I love her dearly, period. 

Here we are during the race- yes we stopped to take pictures along the way. I think this is after the 3rd color chute. We got lots of color because we ran on the outside so we could be by all the volunteers spraying color. My one goal during the race- get as colorful as possible!

After the yellow chute. Above is Jamie and Linds. I have known both since high school (Jamie all my life). I treasure these ladies and their love and support in my life. It feels good to be around people who have known me for so long.

After the race we went to a color rave. Lots of dancing, singing, and of course- the COLOR STORMS. Every 15 minutes everyone would toss color packets up in the air and color went EVERYWHERE! It was amazing and we got sooooo colorful. I love the picture Linds captures during the first storm. 

We stayed for 3 color storms and got super colorful. I love the above picture. So happy, so fun, so good to share this memory with these three. Libby (my fourth roommate)- you were missed terribly. Come back to the States and we will do another one!!!

After we had all the color storms we wanted we headed home. If you have a chance to participate in The Color Run (the real one!) please, please, please do. It was one of the coolest things I have done and I will totally be doing it again if it comes through Houston again. 

So Roommates Weekend 2013 was a success and entailed some amazing memories. Let's do it again soon, Ladies. (We clean up nicely, no?!)

Hope you all had a great weekend and are gearing up for Passion Week. This is hands down my favorite week of the year. Easter is my favorite holiday- I need to be reminded this upcoming Sunday of the empty tomb and the hope we have from that empty tomb. 


Lauren said...

You four are gorgeous! What sweet memories. Easter is my very favorite holiday as well. It blows every other one out of the water as far as I'm concerned! Love you tons.

Melanie said...

I want to do a color run so bad! Glad you had a good time with your roomies!