Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March Update...

Well, since it is half way through April I thought I would update you on our happenings in March:).
March was a good, slow month- for the most part. 

 Cora is such a great companion at the grocery store. As long as she has a snack she just loves to be along for the ride. Above she is enjoying a cookie one of the bakery workers gave her just for being cute- lucky girl.
 Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we got a chance to spend the weekend with our good friends the Burns' in Granbury. We had a blast all weekend watching Graham and Cora play, eating good food, shopping around the town square, and sharing life and ministry. It is good to be around people who are in similar situations in life. And of course we took the obligatory bath picture. This was right before a huge melt down by both babies- they were not as excited about the pictures as we were.
 I love the above shirt on Cora. In fact, I love all owl stuff on this girl. I am sad the cooler weather has left because I have to put all her warm clothes up- never to be worn again by the cutie.
 Cora is really into water- and those who know we well can just see the smile on my face. I LOVE water and have a cup of ice cold water with me at all times. Cora is no different. She is also into dragging around Hope's bed and sitting in it at random places in the house. Hope tolerates this so well and for that I am grateful.
 I also had the chance to coordinate a surprise 40th birthday party for my friend Luci at the Mad Potter. Y'all- it was SO-MUCH-FUN. Luci was totally surprised and we all painted a tile and made her a breakfast tray to mark the milestone birthday.
 Above you will see all the attendees. I am grateful for these friendships and I wish Luci the best decade yet!
 When all my roommates came in at the end of March (remember the Color Run?!?!) Steve and Cora got a lot of alone time together. Have I ever told you what an awesome dad Steve is? He LOVES spending time with Cora and takes such good care of her. Marry a man who loves and wants to spend time with your kids- it's important!
 The Saturday before Easter we had a garage sale with the McD family. Steve and I try to have a garage sale once a year. It gives us time to purge and simplify our lives. And you know what- every year we manage to fill the garage with things to sell. Don't worry, we did not sell Cora this year. Although she looked mighty cute in the free box:)
 And we had a great Easter here in Houston. Cora was sooooo cute to watch open all her Easter goodies. Above she is opening her Easter goodness from Nonnie. She loved putting those ears on her cute little head. 
 Easter morning Cora went through her Easter basket and loved all her Easter Bunny gifts- a bug puzzle, Piggy Pink Nail Polish, a board book, animal capsules for the bath, yogurt pouches, and strawberry puffs. 
 At church she sure did participate in the Easter egg hunt. She LOVED running around and grabbing up the eggs. And I LOVED watching her collect the goodies.
Easter is probably my favorite holiday. I enjoy the Lent season leading up to the Sunday. I love all we celebrate and talk about on Easter Sunday. And I always look forward to church on that day. Plus, we always eat good food and watch golf later that day. What is not to like about that day?

Time is an amazing thing to me- the older I get, the quicker it goes by. So now we are half way through April- how can that be!?

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